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Why I am running for Bonner County Commissioner

Our county government must protect our quality of life. I will represent everyone, not just “my base” by protecting our air and water quality, public lands and property rights. Family wage jobs and housing can be substantially improved by the County leading a cooperative effort with our cities, business and civic groups, schools, and others. There has been expensive, unnecessary, and disruptive staff turnover at the county as a result of poor decisions by commissioners. Taxes pay for services. So, running the county efficiently serves everyone.

  1. I pledge to represent ALL County residents!
  2. I represent all those who are fiscally conservative while wanting local government to provide the services we need to flourish in this amazing part of the world we call Bonner County. We need enough taxes for basic services – nothing fancy.
  3. The County is an especially important service provider -- building and maintaining roadways, getting an ambulance to you if needed, running 911, providing the Sheriff’s department, courts -- and more!
  4. As a commissioner, I will work to ensure that all county services run smoothly and cost effectively.
  5. Unfortunately, today’s county commission is following philosophies that the majority of county residents don’t fully agree with, and that tilt is spearheaded by Dan McDonald, the current District 3 Commissioner.
  6. Dan is leading the other commissioners in directions that can undermine our rural character, the clean air, water, and cooperatively managed public lands that make our county special to live in and attract business and provide jobs.
  7. As Commissioner, I will stick to business. Not waste time and taxpayer money on issues and campaigns that are outside County business. Small, tight, focused government that delivers basic services!
  8. Today the Commission is making decisions privately, before public meetings and not making it easy for voters to follow their actions.
  9. We need to move county government back into the Bonner County mainstream.
  10. All county voters cast ballots for all commissioners in November. The districts are those where a candidate must live, not where voters must live. I ask for your vote in November, and promise to be a Commissioner who makes decisions with Bonner County businesses and residents as the priority.
  11. Be sure to vote on November 6. You can find voting information elsewhere on this website.

Thank you,

Steve Lockwood | Candidate for District 3 Bonner County Commissioner