Why I am running for Bonner County Commissioner

A County Commissioner must both be a skilled manager and have a positive vision for our future. Bonner County needs both.

The current commission is not controlling costs well, is raising taxes, and is proposing a substantial salary increase for themselves. That is not skilled management! Costs need controlling year-round, delivering services must be emphasized and employees need to have respected and positive leadership.

Bonner County is growing! Protecting our rural character while assuring that we create and attract jobs that pay well is important. Housing is a problem for working individuals and families; we have a gap that needs filling. The County Commission can mobilize our city, school, civic and business leadership to work together for jobs and housing and our future. Today, that vision is lacking and I will bring it to the office.

Steve Lockwood | Candidate for District 3 Bonner County Commissioner


Bonner County Commissioner: Tax Increases

Cost management is needed at the County. Salary increases for Commissioners at the cost of reduced services are unacceptable.

Effective, year round cost management is needed at the County. It's not happening now. I have a track record of providing quality service at low cost and I want to bring these skills to the Bonner County Commissioner's Office.  To view other videos, Click Here.

Platform Highlights

Rural Character

We are experiencing unprecedented growth. To protect our property rights we must make good planning decisions. Learn More

Experienced Management

Poor decisions by Commissioners has resulted in expensive and unnecessary turnover. Learn More

Family Wage Jobs

Family wage jobs and housing availability are the biggest challenges facing Bonner County. Learn More