Why I am running for Bonner County Commissioner

Our county government must protect our quality of life. I will represent everyone, not just “my base”, by protecting our air and water quality, public lands, and property rights. Family wage jobs and housing can be substantially improved by the County leading a cooperative effort with our cities, business and civic groups, schools, and others. There has been expensive, unnecessary, and disruptive staff turnover at the county as a result of poor decisions by commissioners. Experience management is essential to retain career oriented employees. Taxes pay for services and running the county efficiently serves everyone.

Steve Lockwood | Candidate for District 3 Bonner County Commissioner


Bonner County Commissioner: A Video Series

Part One: Technology in Bonner County

Technology is a huge part of Bonner County operations. Everything from your 9-1-1 call, to property tax management, utilizes tech that is managed by County Commissioners. To view other videos regarding County Operations, Click Here.

Platform Highlights

Rural Character

Too much deregulation decreases property rights and threatens our rural character. Learn More

Experienced Management

Poor decisions by Commissioners has resulted in expensive and unnecessary turnover. Learn More

Family Wage Jobs

Family wage jobs and housing availability are the biggest challenges facing Bonner County. Learn More