Demand Open Process on Proposed Planning, Zoning Changes

Do you want an industrial plant near your rural home? No? Then read this:

Bonner County zoning codes are currently up for changes without the usual opportunities for citizen input. Under currently proposed revisions, industrial plants would be permitted in many county zones, potentially including yours. Protection of private property will be weakened.

In the past, citizens were offered many opportunities to contribute to changes such as these. The county held evening workshops in many locations, published progress reports, and tried hard to keep you informed and include your ideas.

Zoning for industrial uses is only one of many changes underway. Today’s commission may be doing the legal minimum, but they are trying to ram this through without your knowledge and ideas.

If elected Bonner County commissioner in November, I will transparently conduct public business. Today’s commission is doing the opposite.

Call the commissioners at 208-265-1438. Ask for a copy of the proposed changes and demand an open process!


Lockwood Seeks District 3 Seat

SANDPOINT — Steve Lockwood, an 18-year resident of Bonner County, is running in the Democratic primary for Bonner County Commissioner, District 3.

“I’m running because I feel my management expertise and ability to listen to residents will help County government be more responsive, focused, and cost-effective,” Lockwood says, adding, “People deserve to have their local government deliver needed services at a reasonable price.” As an entrepreneur, Lockwood developed moderately priced, in-town housing in Sandpoint in 2006.

“I want to help Bonner County in addressing important issues. We need to respond vigorously to the possibility of a smelter on the county’s western border, promote affordable housing, and create economic development strategies that attract jobs paying a living wage for a family. It is important that county policies preserve the small town and rural character of our community in the face of inevitable growth,” says Lockwood. He also supports economic opportunities afforded by promoting multiple uses of the County’s abundant public lands.

Lockwood retired from his position as operations manager for AT&T long distance after 30 years with the company. In that period, as a volunteer he chaired the Air Quality Committee for the Portland, Ore. metropolitan area. That gives him important background for sorting out fact from fiction about pollution effects of projects such as the proposed silicon smelter near Old Town, Idaho. In Bonner County, Lockwood served on Sandpoint’s Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council. He also was an LPOSD#84 School Board member, including serving on the Teacher Salary Negotiating Team and the Facilities Committee. Currently, he serves on Sandpoint’s Urban Renewal Board and the boards of the Idaho Conservation League and Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society.

Lockwood’s skill in managing large budgets and complex teams, his long history of public service in local government and enthusiasm for our local community provides District 3 and Bonner County with a candidate who will work diligently to implement sensible and effective solutions for the County.

Lockwood is married to Molly O’Reilly, and has two sons and their families who live in the area. Steve bikes, sails and hikes in his spare time.