Lockwood has the Necessary Background, Experience

Lockwood has The Necessary Background, Experience

Steve Lockwood, candidate for the Bonner County Board of Commissioners, is a strong believer in transparency, and doesn’t think our current elected county officials are practicing it today,

“Today’s county commission is making decisions privately, before public meetings, and not making it easy for voters to follow their actions,” says Lockwood, who is running in the Democratic primary election for District 3.

A 19-year resident of Bonner County, Steve has the background and experience needed for this important job. After retiring as an Operations Manager for AT&T, he was elected to Sandpoint’s City Council, chaired Sandpoint’s Planning and Zoning Commission and is currently on its Urban Renewal Board. He also served on the Lake Pend Oreille School Board.

Lockwood cites the need to preserve the clean air, water and public lands that make our county special to live in and attractive for businesses and employees. He also stresses the need to promote moderately- priced housing and create strategies that attract jobs paying a living wage for a family.

Be sure to vote for Steve Lockwood in the primary May 15 and in the general election on Nov. 6.



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