Lockwood Will Bring Needed Normalcy to Commission

October 31, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

Integrity, professionalism and business like conduct. These words describe the necessary attributes of a county commissioner. These words were the hallmark of the previous county commissioners. However, Dan McDonald has replaced them with bully, braggart, falsifier and arrogance. County employees are cowering in fear of their jobs and he has bullied the other commissioners into lock-step submission.

Bill Harp’s “letter to the editor” was spot on. McDonald’s continuing braggadocio concerning his imaginary accomplishments, especially concerning the budget, border on the absurd. Mismanagement of the county airports diminished the capacity of the county to deal with long-term projects and the FAA. The Road Department budget has been significantly cut and yet McDonald claims it hasn’t affected those critical services. It has! Mismanagement and micromanagement are the rule of the day. Foot-in-mouth disease is rampant.

Dan’s comments about the tribe show his crude insensitivity to his surroundings. He claimed the recording of those remarks was doctored. It wasn’t! In addition, lawsuits against the county will continue to mount the longer McDonald runs his circus show. It is McDonald’s continual blaming of others for his problems that is most damning. I have been two years out of office yet Dan still blames “former county commissioners” for his budget and operational problems. That shows weakness of character and his inability to take responsibility for his own actions or in this case his poor decision making.

It is time to get rid of this aberration of a commissioner. It’s time to return the county government to normalcy. Steve Lockwood offers that normalcy. He is rational, experienced and measured in his approach to management. He is not an ideologue with a narrow view of what is good for the county. Steve will bring normalcy and pragmatism to bear as a commissioner. I urge all voters of both parties to vote for Steve Lockwood and bring an end to this reign of incompetency.


Priest River

Former Bonner County commissioner

Lockwood has Asked the Questions that Need to be Asked.

October 30, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

here are two projects in process, the Hi-Test silica smelter in Newport and the BNSF bridge over Lake Pend Oreille, that will potentially have enormous impact on our water and our air in Bonner County. Who can we rely on to protect Lake Pend Oreille? How are local concerns being addressed?

In the case of the bridge, BNSF held public meetings to take questions. The Bonner County Board of Commissioners declined to give input.

The the case of the smelter, a scoping process is underway. The Bonner County Board of Commissioners declined to give input.

What questions should the commissioners be asking? Steve Lockwood has asked them and that’s why I am voting for Lockwood for District 3 commissioner.



McDonald Gave Himself a Raise as County Tightens Belt

In the last couple of years we have watched Bonner County Commissioner Dan McDonald take credit for any and all things … until the candidate’s forum. When asked about the big salary increases he has promoted for the commissioners, he denied responsibility and blamed the county HR director who he said insisted the commissioners should give themselves another raise.

Kind of a puzzle isn’t it? All we hear is how Commissioner McDonald has put the county back in order by cutting budgets, staff, and saving all kinds of money. Yet in the midst of this, another fat raise for the commissioners; an increase from $65,000 in 2017 to $72,800 in 2018 and now $78,000 in 2019. A whopping $13,000 while the rest of the county is tightening their belts. Wow! This is not good leadership!

Seven previous county commissioners (Republicans and Democrats) have endorsed Steve Lockwood. It’s time for a change. I am going to vote for Steve Lockwood. Steve has good leadership and he is someone who will not accept a salary increase when the county troops are in the trenches tightening their belts.

Let’s vote wisely as we have to live with this commissioner for the next four years.

Remember we get to vote for all commissioners regardless of their district.



McDonald’s Efforts Hurting Our Way of Life

October 30, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

Many of us living in the Selle and Samuels area purchased our property to enjoy our home and have privacy and space from encroachment.

I now understand Commissioner Dan McDonald and his cohorts are trying to change our area from rural and agricultural to something of their own designs (profit motive?). It appears Commissioner McDonald is stacking the deck to get his changes pushed through by having both Realtors and developers involved in trying to change our beautiful area. You, sir, are way out of balance and your dictatorial approach is unacceptable. Yours is a temporary job, you will not be king, or a for-life county commissioner. If your sole purpose is to reap profits for the short time you’re in office that is totally unacceptable.

You are attempting to circumvent both public input as well as trying to control the Selle/Samuels Area Comprehensive Planning Committee. Said committee lives in the Selle/Samuels area and have a vested interest in maintaining our beautiful lands in as pristine a manner as possible. Back off.



Lockwood Understands 911 Regionalization, Issues

October 30, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

I worry about the 911 system in our county. I don’t know if people are aware that there have been times recently when the system has been down for as long as five hours. That could mean life or death for someone.

It is a comfort to know that in an emergency you can always call 911. But what if there’s no answer?

Our current county commissioners have been looking for ways to save money on 911 services, and making plans to share the cost with other local entities. How will rural areas with volunteer fire departments be treated? They have no tax base — yet might have the greatest need.

The idea of regionalizing 911 is the ultimate solution; it would result in saving money and provide service across all boundaries. Our county commissioners have shown no interest in this solution. They declined to be briefed on this AND, they let a $127,000 grant that could have been used to improve 911 go back to the state.

We need someone who understands this issue and will make it a priority. This is one of the reasons I am voting for Steve Lockwood for county commissioner. Steve started out as a lineman climbing poles — and was the operations manager for AT&T for the state of Oregon before moving here. He has the expertise.

Steve also has the skills to build the partnerships that will be required to protect the safety of Bonner County residents. Join me in voting for Steve Lockwood.



McDonald Plays Fast and Loose with the Facts

October 30, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

Having witnessed the current Bonner County commissioners in a public hearing, I have first-hand experience with the way they conduct business. One commissioner, Dan McDonald, is very disrespectful of the public and not interested in public opinion unless it agrees with his own. I’ve also seen McDonald, who was an outspoken radio talk-show host, encourage disagreement and conspiracy theories online. He is fast and loose with the facts.

McDonald, in a recent press release, touted all his “promises kept” and his fiscal restraint, and then I learned that he actually voted to give himself and the other commissioners a generous raise – a far greater percentage than other county employees. So sorry if I don’t believe a word he says.

Vote for people who actually care about Bonner County and are willing to work hard and honestly to serve the public and not just themselves. I will cast my vote for Steve Lockwood.



You can be a Nice Guy and get the Job Done

I have noticed a profound double standard lately in the letters to the editor of several publications. I am writing in response to Anita Aurit, Mike Morgenstern, and Jessi Webster’s recent letters. First, let me address the concern they have about Mr. Lockwood being a “nice” guy only. Skill, knowledge, and an ability to work with others and to be a leader are not mutually exclusive traits that only nasty people possess. Nice guys are perfectly capable of getting the job done but with no need for a “MASH” unit to handle the casualties.

When it comes to qualifications I will cast my vote for Steve Lockwood based on his previous job experience and also his volunteer positions he has served so well.

While I am sure Mr. McDonald thoroughly enjoyed his time with Big Boy Ballet Company (volunteer position) I don’t really see how that experience will help him carry out his duties as commissioner. Steve Lockwood, on the other hand, has served on many boards which qualify him for commissioner hands down. Here is a small list of the boards he has served on both elected and volunteer positions:

Volunteer government experience:

• Elected chair, Sandpoint Planning and Zoning Commission 2004-2005;

• Helped to initiate new comprehensive plan for Bonner County;

• Firefighter negotiation team member and chair

• Commissioner – Sandpoint Urban Renewal 2008-2018

• Chair – Sandpoint Downtown Revitalization 2001-2002

• Chair – Oregon Noise Advisory Committee

• Chair – Columbia Region Land Use Task Force

• Chair – Portland Region Air Quality Committee

• Portland Energy Policy Task Force

• Portland Bicycle/Pedestrian Committee

• Portland Airport Noise Advisory Committee

Other Volunteer Experience:

• Idaho Conservation League Board 2004-current

• Idaho Smart Growth Board 2006-2015

I sincerely hope all of you will check out Steve Lockwood’s website. He is a pretty impressive guy. We will all benefit from his experience and leadership.










Lockwood Means Civility Instead of Hostility

October 30, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

There’s a rumor that Steve Lockwood is not “strong” because he seems cordial and nice. That’s crazy. Yes, he’s a good guy but nobody should mistake that for weakness. He’s accomplished a lot in both the private sector and public office, from management at AT&T to years on the our local school board and the Sandpoint City Council.

He gets things done through consensus not conflict. Which, let’s face it, would be a welcome change.

I just attended the candidates’ forum at the library and was impressed by Dan McDonald’s comfort at the lectern and his speaking ability. I was less impressed by what he actually said, like defending the proposed smelter by comparing it to the Rock Creek Mine discharge which he said was “clean and harmless.” That’s dead wrong on many levels. First, the Rock Creek Mine is not built — so there’s obviously no discharge at all. Second, if it ever does get built — heaven forbid — there’s every probability that it will discharge massive pollutants into the Clark Fork River, which flows in our Lake Pend Oreille.

Anyway, for me it’s not about style. It’s about issues. Like the BNSF bridge, the proposed smelter, requiring and enforcing septic approvals for all new home construction, and protecting the rural nature that makes Bonner County so special. From King County, Wash., to Kootenai County, Idaho, when planning and zoning gets too lax, urban sprawl moves in.

In short, please vote for Steve Lockwood. Even though he’s a nice person.



Lockwood Will Help Return Common Sense to Land Use Planning

Land use planning and zoning are the orderly glue that keeps our county growing in a thoughtful way and protects the interests of everyone — private property owners, taxpayers, neighbors and the larger public. Good land use planning and zoning protects our county’s rural character, our county’s budget and natural resources, such as water quality.

Two years ago, our county commissioners changed the zoning codes to allow people to get building location permits without first consulting with the Panhandle Health District or their sewer districts to make sure that they could have a working septic system or could hook up to sewer. They did this despite overwhelming opposition and valid concerns raised by the health and sewer districts.

Dan McDonald did nothing to reverse this wrong-headed new policy after taking office as commissioner.

I’m voting for Steve Lockwood because he’ll try to restore this vital common-sense safeguard and will listen to the experts and concerned citizens when it comes to issues such as septic systems and protecting our quality of life. Bonner County is growing fast and we need someone in office who understands the importance of good land use planning. Vote Lockwood for commissioner.