Lockwood is Best Pick for Bonner County

October 07, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

My fellow citizens, recently thousands of us attended the PacWest smelter meetings held by the Washington Department of Ecology and expressed our opposition to the Canadian smelter.

When the public first learned about the smelter many went to Dan McDonald and the other Bonner County commissioners with their concerns. Dan McDonald’s response to the concerns of the public about the smelter was to trash the Kalispel Tribe and tell those who opposed the smelter to sell their homes and leave the area that the real estate market was hot.

Those of us who attended the DOE meetings noticed that Dan McDonald did not attend. My fellow citizens, this disturbs me greatly. As a lifelong Republican I am asking my fellow Republicans to vote for Steve Lockwood on Nov 6. Our very lives depend on it.



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