Lockwood Will Be The Leader We Need As Commissioner

November 02, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article.

Steve Lockwood is a leader, who is serious about the responsibility of listening, really listening. He knows that a deep understanding of key issues impacting you and I, as Bonner County residents, every day, can only be achieved by seeking the truth with due diligence. He knows that the best decisions in county government can only be made with complete, balanced information.

Steve is ready and committed to do the hard work on our behalf, by asking the right questions, and listening to the answers. Don’t be misled. True leadership is not loud, or simply funny, or overly critical. True leadership is courageous, diligent, responsible, and accountable. Steve Lockwood is that leader. Years of experience in public service have prepared him well for his role as our next Bonner County commissioner.

I look forward to a bright future for our county, and trust Steve as our advocate. Join me and our neighbors who insist on sound leadership on Nov. 6. Vote for Steve Lockwood, Bonner County commissioner.



Lockwood has the Integrity, Experience to be Commissioner

November 02, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

I support Steve Lockwood for County Commissioner. Lockwood has far more integrity, experience, a strong record of public service and volunteerism when compared to his opponent. More than that, Steve knows how to build partnerships, relationships and bring people together to solve problems that we share in common. Steve is a skilled manager. He listens to people, to learn, to understand and to apply that new knowledge in a way that embraces everyone’s values.

We deserve a leader with integrity and a vision for success that goes beyond a balanced budget. Steve recognizes that our quality of life in Bonner County is our greatest asset. It is the foundation of our economy and the reason we choose to raise our families here. Steve knows that protecting our quality of life brings greater economic benefit to the region far into the future. His opponent favors selling it out for short-term gain and long-term consequences. Please join me and vote for Steve Lockwood, Bonner County commissioner.



Lockwood Would Speak Up For Those Downwind Of Smelter

November 02, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

We are fortunate that Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad and the Sandpoint City Council responded in detail to the Washington Department of Ecology request for comments on the proposed silicon smelter. The mayor and council addressed the overall smelter project description, regional economic impact, air and water quality, transportation, noise, penalty structure, alternatives and so on, asking that Sandpoint and our region be included in the Scope of the Impact Statement. This is critical.

On the other hand, Commissioner Dan McDonald relies on Washington DOE officials who he said have a “comprehensive grasp on what they need to look at … This is obviously not their first rodeo,” McDonald said.

The smelter proposal is an important issue for all of Bonner County. I support Steve Lockwood for commissioner as Steve believes the county should be more involved and is asking the right questions on our behalf.



Steve Lockwood Cares About Citizens’ Concerns

I have known Steve since 2002 and have observed his calm demeanor and his logical consideration of the facts that will lead to the solution of a problem. This includes the future ramifications of actions that are taken to solve the problem. My intention has always been to vote for Steve. The written answers (presumably well thought out) given by Dan McDonald to the questions posed by the Bee make it clear that I have made a correct decision. A sample of what I am referring to follows.

Question 2. What unique qualifications would you bring to office that no one else could match? Mr. McDonald cites a number of county business items that he has accomplished. Aren’t there other board members? Did they have any input?

Question 3. What are the most important issues facing the community? Why? Mr. McDonald mentions the budget, solid waste and self-insurance. If I were to ask this question of a group of Bonner County citizens, I’m sure that these items would not be prominent in their answers nor would they be in mine.

Question 4. How do you plan to address these issues? Mr. McDonald answers that he will continue to show the same level of competent management and innovative solutions that have plagued Bonner County throughout its history. This speaks for itself.

Question 11. Is there anything the county can do to ensure fairness in tax assessment.? Mr. McDonald ends his answer with the following sentence: The county budget drives what folks pay in property taxes, assessments are just the percentage of property an owner owns that the levy is applied to. What form do I fill out so that only a percentage of my property is taxed? Do our taxes only support the county?

For someone who has been in office for two years, he does not seem to be well informed nor does he seem to care for the citizens actual concerns.



Lockwood is Clear Choice for Commissioner

After a careful consideration of research done in an effort to make an unbiased decision of who to support for a candidate for county commissioner, the clear choice, without a doubt, is Steve Lockwood. He is articulate, knowledgeable and has an agenda that best benefits the residents of Bonner County.

A colleague and I volunteered to place “Elect Lockwood” signs in legally appropriate locations in Sandpoint and surrounding areas and cities. One of these locations was on the street that is the main entrance to the Dover Bay community.

Within a few days, someone removed these two signs, and replaced them with signs for Dan McDonald (in exactly the same spots). This is not only a blatant act of theft, but in a more comprehensive sense, it represents a lack of ethics and principles of fairness. How can this be condoned?

IF some of those who support the McDonald campaign have abandoned sufficient ethics, fairness and honesty, as a means of avoiding such egregious acts, it is clear that electing an alternative candidate is now of critical importance.

If we indeed want honesty and a positive influence in Bonner County, Steve Lockwood is clearly the choice for county commissioner.



Lockwood has the Experience, Temperament for the Job

I am a Republican and have been for over 50 years. I normally vote the party line, but this year I have already voted for Steve Lockwood for county commissioner against Dan McDonald.

I think that Steve has the right experience and temperament to do a great job.

I know that a lot of Republicans will be voting for Steve and I am one of them, as well as a lot of my friends and several former Republican commissioners.

Please join us.



Steve Lockwood Would Work For Us, Not Himself

November 02, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

I’m tired of bullies, and one of the biggest is Dan McDonald our Bonner County commissioner, so I’m voting for Steve Lockwood.

My dad, Dr. Syd Duncombe, wrote the book on county government and his tireless work with county commissioners is why the highest award a commissioner can win is named after him.

A good commissioner listens to all his constituents not just the ones that agree with him. McDonald, on the other hand, called “The Tribe” dirty and dishonest when they opposed a smelter he wanted. McDonald lied about Friends of Scotchman’s Peak Wilderness, claiming they were from out of state when in truth Sandy Compton is a third generation Clark Fork local who worked tirelessly for 12 years to create a compromise bill.

A good commissioner follows the law, especially constitution. When Dan McDonald promoted a resolution to ban refugees, especially Muslim refugees, from the county I pointed out that was unconstitutional for which he smiled and happily nodded yes. The county is being sued because Dan McDonald is accused of protecting a cousin who was falsifying time cards and then fired the whistleblower and promoting his cousin to his position.

A good commissioner puts the county over his own pocketbook and doesn’t force through a $10,000 raise for himself in the third poorest county in the state.

Steve Lockwood would give that money back to the taxpayers, listen to all the people of the county, and work for us not himself.



Find Out Candidates’ Position on Rock Creek Mine

What are Bonner County candidates saying about the Rock Creek Mine? One claim is the discharge will be cleaner than the river. This is false.

If constructed, the mine’s discharge requires a mixing zone because the concentration of metals in the wastewater cannot meet water quality standards without significant dilution. The Clark Fork River, which provides 90 percent of Lake Pend Oreille’s recharge, would be the recipient of this perpetual pollution.

Mining companies always claim their operations will be clean, but their track record proves otherwise. Government documents established that predictions of “little impact” to water quality for modern Montana mines were wrong 91.7 percent of the time.

Hecla Mining Co, which wants to build the mine, runs Alaska’s Green’s Creek Mine. Since components of that mine’s discharge are over 20 times the maximum concentration protective of aquatic life, Alaska authorized a mixing zone for dilution. However, subsequent sediment and marine mammal tissue sampling have shown high concentrations of lead and other metals. In 1988, the Forest Service predicted no impacts from metals leaching or acid mine drainage, but acid mine drainage was documented in 2003.

Hecla Mining Company’s CEO, Philips Baker, was labeled a “bad actor” by the state of Montana. Baker was the CFO of Pegasus Gold, which went bankrupt in 1998 leaving behind tens of millions in ongoing clean up costs at four Montana mines.

Find out what candidates are claiming about the Rock Creek Mine. Lake Pend Oreille and the economic health of Bonner County are at stake.



Executive director

Rock Creek Alliance

McDonald’s Support of Rock Creek Mine is Troubling

November 01, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

Commissioner McDonald has voiced his support on the proposed Rock Creek Mine in Montana on several occasions. His rationale was that he had been told by the developers of the proposed mine (Hecla) that the water from the tailings impoundment would be cleaner than the water in the Clark Fork River, and that the EPA has a full-time office there (in fact, the nearest EPA office is in Helena, 265 miles removed).

According to the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement available from the U.S. Forest Service (fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd573773.pdf)

Treated wastewater would be discharged to either the infiltration ponds or to the permitted outfall in the Clark Fork River and would change the quality of the receiving water” (p.

Water from the tailings impoundment would not be cleaner than the Clark Fork River. Even after treatment, Hecla still needs a permit to discharge into the river because it will still contain significant pollution. The only remedy that the mining company has purposed for the pollution is a “mixing zone” (described in the FSEIS), where the clean water of the Clark Fork River would dilute the wastewater. The pollution doesn’t go away, it just goes downstream, ultimately to Lake Pend Oreille.

It’s very disturbing to me that this misinformation has been repeated publicly by an elected official. I hope in the future that the commissioners will revisit this very important issue and consider the actual facts.



Smoke and Mirrors in the McDonald Campaign

Dan McDonald’s biggest re-election claim of financial savings supposedly made for the county is smoke and mirrors.

Claim: McDonald stated in the Bee, Aug. 30, “… approximately $18 million deficit Commissioner Jeff Connolly and I inherited, we needed to make some spending cuts.”

Fact: Every county budget is balanced every year. No red ink and no deficit. McDonald falsely implies that the previous board created a huge debt.

Fact: Dan and his fellow commissioners received a budget in the black with almost $14 million of money passed forward to FY 17.

Fact: Every year, the county clerk estimates revenue and commissioners approve budgets below revenues. McDonald’s claim that he saved the county money is nothing more than matching projected income with projected expenses as law requires. With this year’s big pay raises for officials, the budget was a challenge.

Fact: McDonald initially wanted to charge property owners for forgone taxes not levied by previous boards. Commissioner Jeff Connolly vigorously protested that and is the real hero here.

So, McDonald’s claim that he saved the county money, got it out of debt, or for the first time balanced the budget is, as my mom would say, “hogwash.” The audited statements presented on social media (https://tinyurl.com/yd23bdb6) prove what the county spent.

Dan distorts the facts about budgeting, 911 issues, the taped smelter discussion, and county employee morale. He does not represent the political leadership that Bonner County deserves.