Lockwood is Clear Choice for Commissioner

After a careful consideration of research done in an effort to make an unbiased decision of who to support for a candidate for county commissioner, the clear choice, without a doubt, is Steve Lockwood. He is articulate, knowledgeable and has an agenda that best benefits the residents of Bonner County.

A colleague and I volunteered to place “Elect Lockwood” signs in legally appropriate locations in Sandpoint and surrounding areas and cities. One of these locations was on the street that is the main entrance to the Dover Bay community.

Within a few days, someone removed these two signs, and replaced them with signs for Dan McDonald (in exactly the same spots). This is not only a blatant act of theft, but in a more comprehensive sense, it represents a lack of ethics and principles of fairness. How can this be condoned?

IF some of those who support the McDonald campaign have abandoned sufficient ethics, fairness and honesty, as a means of avoiding such egregious acts, it is clear that electing an alternative candidate is now of critical importance.

If we indeed want honesty and a positive influence in Bonner County, Steve Lockwood is clearly the choice for county commissioner.



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