Steve Lockwood Cares About Citizens’ Concerns

I have known Steve since 2002 and have observed his calm demeanor and his logical consideration of the facts that will lead to the solution of a problem. This includes the future ramifications of actions that are taken to solve the problem. My intention has always been to vote for Steve. The written answers (presumably well thought out) given by Dan McDonald to the questions posed by the Bee make it clear that I have made a correct decision. A sample of what I am referring to follows.

Question 2. What unique qualifications would you bring to office that no one else could match? Mr. McDonald cites a number of county business items that he has accomplished. Aren’t there other board members? Did they have any input?

Question 3. What are the most important issues facing the community? Why? Mr. McDonald mentions the budget, solid waste and self-insurance. If I were to ask this question of a group of Bonner County citizens, I’m sure that these items would not be prominent in their answers nor would they be in mine.

Question 4. How do you plan to address these issues? Mr. McDonald answers that he will continue to show the same level of competent management and innovative solutions that have plagued Bonner County throughout its history. This speaks for itself.

Question 11. Is there anything the county can do to ensure fairness in tax assessment.? Mr. McDonald ends his answer with the following sentence: The county budget drives what folks pay in property taxes, assessments are just the percentage of property an owner owns that the levy is applied to. What form do I fill out so that only a percentage of my property is taxed? Do our taxes only support the county?

For someone who has been in office for two years, he does not seem to be well informed nor does he seem to care for the citizens actual concerns.



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