Steve Lockwood Would Work For Us, Not Himself

November 02, 2018 at 5:00 am | Bonner County Daily Bee | Direct Link to Article

I’m tired of bullies, and one of the biggest is Dan McDonald our Bonner County commissioner, so I’m voting for Steve Lockwood.

My dad, Dr. Syd Duncombe, wrote the book on county government and his tireless work with county commissioners is why the highest award a commissioner can win is named after him.

A good commissioner listens to all his constituents not just the ones that agree with him. McDonald, on the other hand, called “The Tribe” dirty and dishonest when they opposed a smelter he wanted. McDonald lied about Friends of Scotchman’s Peak Wilderness, claiming they were from out of state when in truth Sandy Compton is a third generation Clark Fork local who worked tirelessly for 12 years to create a compromise bill.

A good commissioner follows the law, especially constitution. When Dan McDonald promoted a resolution to ban refugees, especially Muslim refugees, from the county I pointed out that was unconstitutional for which he smiled and happily nodded yes. The county is being sued because Dan McDonald is accused of protecting a cousin who was falsifying time cards and then fired the whistleblower and promoting his cousin to his position.

A good commissioner puts the county over his own pocketbook and doesn’t force through a $10,000 raise for himself in the third poorest county in the state.

Steve Lockwood would give that money back to the taxpayers, listen to all the people of the county, and work for us not himself.



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