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Why am I running as a Democrat? Because I represent all those who are fiscally conservative and value local government as an important means for providing the services we need.

The County is especially important as a service provider; building and maintaining roadways, getting an ambulance to you if needed, running 911, and providing law enforcement and courts. And more! As a commissioner, I will work to ensure that all county services run smoothly and cost effectively.

Unfortunately, today’s county commission is following philosophies that the majority of County residents don’t fully agree with, and that tilt is spearheaded by Dan McDonald, the current District 3 Commissioner. They are making decisions privately, before public meetings and not making it easy for voters to follow their actions. Dan is leading them in directions that can undermine the clean air, water and cooperatively managed public lands that make our county special to live in and attractive for business and employees. We need to move county government back into the Bonner County mainstream.

All county voters cast ballots for all commissioners in November. The districts are ones where a candidate must live, not where voters must live. I ask for your vote in November, and promise to be a Commissioner who makes decisions with Bonner County businesses and residents as the priority.

Thank you. Be sure to vote in the primary, May 15, and in the general election on November 6. You can find information on voting elsewhere on this website.



“Demand open process on proposed planning, zoning changes”

Published January 23, 2018 by the Bonner County Daily BeeArticle Link

Do you want an industrial plant near your rural home? No? Then read this:

Bonner County zoning codes are currently up for changes without the usual opportunities for citizen input. Under currently proposed revisions, industrial plants would be permitted in many county zones, potentially including yours. Protection of private property will be weakened.

In the past, citizens were offered many opportunities to contribute to changes such as these. The county held evening workshops in many locations, published progress reports, and tried hard to keep you informed and include your ideas.

Zoning for industrial uses is only one of many changes underway. Today’s commission may be doing the legal minimum, but they are trying to ram this through without your knowledge and ideas.

If elected Bonner County commissioner in November, I will transparently conduct public business. Today’s commission is doing the opposite.

Call the commissioners at 208-265-1438. Ask for a copy of the proposed changes and demand an open process!


“Smelter needs to meet higher LAER standards”

Published December 24, 2017 by the Bonner County Daily BeeArticle Link

HiTest is proposing the emissions from their proposed silicon smelter near Newport, Wash., meet the BACT standard. BACT stands for Best Available Control Technology. Trouble is, it’s not actually the best, even though it sounds like it.

Lowest Achievable Emission Rate is better. We “downwinders” in Idaho should do all we can to encourage the Washington Department of Ecology to require LAER standards be met. Although LAER would cost HiTest more to install, it will help ensure that the air we breathe is clean.

If nearby areas were designated Class 1 for air quality, higher standards would possibly be required of the smelter.