7 Former Bonner County Commissioners Support Lockwood This November

Cary Kelly (with wife Mona Kelly)

Steve Lockwood has the experience, ability and the right temperament to be an outstanding county commissioner…. We think his positive, thoughtful analysis of the issues facing the county, and his openness to listen to others gives an indication of how he will conduct himself as a county commissioner when elected.

Tom Suttmeier

I urge you to vote for Steve Lockwood for Bonner County Commissioner, District 3, and I can assure you that your vote will note be squandered or not be a poor choice. I have known Steve for a long time and respect his integrity, honesty and commitment to fiscal integrity.

Todd Sudick

Steve has years of experience in management and brings a measured approach to how the County should be run.  As a former County Commissioner myself I can attest to his commitment, sincerity and openness.

Todd Crossett

I strongly endorse Steve Lockwood for Bonner County Commissioner.

County Commissioners have a tremendous impact on our daily lives – arguably more than almost any other level of government. They are legislative, judicial and executive functions of government rolled into one… They are only as good as their ability to work together and with a myriad of other officials.


Also endorsed by former commissioners:

Lewis Rich

Dale VanStone

Karl Dye


Additional and Extended Endorsements