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Steve Lockwood is Endorsed by SEVEN Former Bonner County Commissioners

Todd Crossett

Karl Dye

Cary Kelly

Lewis Rich

Todd Sudick

Tom Suttmeier

Dale VanStone

Statements from Commissioners

Former Bonner County Commissioner Cary Kelly:

Steve Lockwood has the experience, ability and the right temperament to be an outstanding county commissioner. He has gained valuable experience over many years by serving the community on the Lake Pend Oreille School Board, the Sandpoint City Council, the Sandpoint Planning & Zoning Committee and the Sandpoint Urban Renewal Board — just to name a few. While holding these various positions he not only demonstrated his managerial ability to get the job done, but also his demeanor to work well with the public.

We think his positive, thoughtful analysis of the issues facing the county, and his openness to listen to others gives an indication of how he will conduct himself as a county commissioner when elected. In doing so, we think he would bring a welcomed change to that office. However, he needs your vote on November 6th to make that happen!


Former Bonner County Commissioner Todd Sudick:

Bonner County currently faces a crisis in leadership and management.  A lack of professionalism, management experience and competence has produced decisions that will harm the long term viability of the County.  Employees have been fired or quit, the budget makes no sense and long term planning doesn’t exist.  The November election gives voters an opportunity to change this course of events.

District 3 Commissioner Dan McDonald is running for another term.  He has an opponent that can bring normalcy back to County government.  His name is Steve Lockwood.

Steve has years of experience in management and brings a measured approach to how the County should be run.  As a former County Commissioner myself I can attest to his commitment, sincerity and openness.  He will stop the flood of employees leaving the county, rationalize the budget and bring an end to unnecessary levy (tax) increases.

Former Bonner County Commissioner Tom Suttmeier:

I urge you to vote for Steve Lockwood for Bonner County Commissioner, District 3, and I can assure you that your vote will note be squandered or not be a poor choice. I have known Steve for a long time and respect his integrity, honesty and commitment to fiscal integrity.

Vote Steve Lockwood on Nov. 6.

Statements from other community leaders

Bill Harp, Former Bonner County Director, Technology

As a registered Republican and a fifth generation Idahoan, I hope my fellow Republicans as well as all Independent and Democrat colleagues join me in voting for Steve Lockwood.  I know Steve has the administrative, financial, technological and human resource management skills coupled with years of untiring public service.  His collaborative and cooperative personality will restore dignity, civility, reason and democracy to Bonner County Government.  He is “Right for Bonner County.”


Bob Boeh, Vice President of Government Affairs, Retired, Idaho Forest Group

Do your homework on county commissioner candidates then vote for the candidate that is right for Bonner County. This should lead you to the same conclusion I reached. Steve Lockwood is the best choice because he will listen to all his constituents, learn their issues and lead Bonner County in the right direction.

Bonner County has world class aeronautics, technology and lumber manufacturing operations so there is no reason to have an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, which exceeds the state average of 2.9 percent. Lockwood will encourage dialogue between Idaho Department of Labor, educators and industry to see that qualified workers are available for local business to fill job openings. He is also more interested in putting the public back in public service. Serving his constituents versus raising his own salary is the right vision for taxpayers. His opponent claims to have cut $12 million from the county budget amid other taxpayer savings yet our taxes continue to increase at the maximum allowed under state law. I do not understand that math calculus.

Vote Lockwood in.

Diana Dawson

I am endorsing Steve Lockwood for County Commissioner, District 3.

He has both the technical and leadership skills necessary to foster our

quality of life in Bonner County.  In a time of rapid population growth and technological changes, we must get beyond party politics and elect the most qualified candidate.

Steve Lockwood is a man of integrity who has the leadership skills to bring people together, to listen to them, and to frame productive solutions for our County.


Foster Cline

Many of us are carefully watching the national politics and we might tend to overlook the importance of electing the people who, right here, make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for those of us living in the county. There is a man who, has the head, the heart, the business and the public service experience to make thoughtful wise budgeting, finance and planning decisions. Steve Lockwood will enhance the lives of all of us.

As a fiscal conservative, I strongly support his election. I have known Steve for years as he has served on the school board and Sandpoint City Council. He is a friendly, open, thoughtful effective person, who, regardless of our political leanings will listen carefully and respectfully to every one of us.




Sue Brooks

I have known Steve Lockwood for many years. He is a man of great integrity who jumped right in to service to his new community practically from day one. Steve has many years of experience from his time on the Lake Pend Orielle School Board, the Sandpoint City Council, Sandpoint Planning and Zoning and much more.

Steve Lockwood has bipartisan support and respect. Over his many years of service he has demonstrated his ability to always make thoughtful responsible decisions based on all the facts and has shown his managerial ability to get the job done. We have an opportunity next month to elect someone to the Bonner County Board of Commissioners who will represent all of us and with no personal agenda. Ask anyone who knows him and they will tell you that Steve has the temperament and demeanor and experience needed for this position.

Every vote counts. Please vote for Steve Lockwood for commissioner.

Sue Brooks