Election and Voter Registration Information

In 2018, there are two races for County Commissioner: Districts 1 and 3. I am running in District 3. These districts identify the areas in which candidates must live to be eligible to run. All county residents vote for commissioners in all districts.

In the November 6, 2018 general election, all county voters cast ballots in both commissioner races.

Consider voting at home this year with an absentee ballot request form. Voting from home gives you time to thoroughly research candidates and ensures that life won't get in the way of making it to the polls on election day. Absentee voting increases turnout! Print extras out and encourage friends and family to vote from home too.

Early voting is available at the Bonner County office, 1500 Highway 2, Sandpoint, 9-5 weekdays through Nov. 2, then at your regular polling place on Tuesday Nov. 6.

This is a critical election for Bonner County and increasing turnout through convenience is a great way to help Steve succeed in his campaign. Be sure to elect Lockwood Commissioner this November, no matter what part of Bonner County you live in!

Election Dates

  • General: November 6, 2018
  • Early Voting: Now until November 2, 2018

Helpful Links

What is the Bonner County Board of Commissioners?

The Bonner County Board of Commissioners is responsible for providing administrative services to Bonner County. The purpose of this department is to identify and clarify the needs of the people, and ensure the County responds to those needs. The Board executes all legislative power authorized. These powers include, but are not limited to, adopting and enacting the budget, appropriation of expenditures and setting policy. Other powers include establishing fees and comprehensive use plans, and conducting public hearings and meetings. Learn More

About Bonner County

We are located in the northern panhandle of Idaho in a land of magnificent lakes, mountains, forests and vibrant communities. The seat of county government is Sandpoint, but we serve residents from Clark Fork near our eastern border, to Priest River and Oldtown to our western border. Our unique location, beautiful landscape, diversified economy, and exceptional human resources make Bonner County a wonderful place to live, work, do business and visit.

Commissioner Districts for Bonner County:

Remember: Elect Lockwood for Commissioner on November 6, 2018!